Best Friend Bee's has found that the strongest way to accomplish any goal is through a united front. For that reason, we actively seek opportunities to partner with various community organizations and businesses of all types to do anything that contributes to the saving and or raising awareness of local honeybees. 

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About Us


What? Where? Why?

What is Best Friend Bees?

Best Friend Bee's is as basic as it comes. We are here to SAVE THE BEES. Born out of a passion to save the little critters and protect their natural habitat, Best Friend Bee's is a dedicated live honeybee rescue and removal specializing in rescuing hives, that are in danger of extermination in San Diego, California and relocate them to a rural honeybee sanctuary.  Knowing, as inhabitants of this Earth, that we must live in harmony with all beings, including the greatly misinterpreted honeybee. In addition to being directly involved, we aim to raise awareness of their endangered state through community events, fundraisers, and corporate partnerships on a colossal scale.

Where Is Best Friend Bees?

​While our home base is in San Diego, we aim to contribute positively to "glocal" honeybee conservation ("Glocal" = Globally Local).  This means that we identify with, and encourage the beekeeping community to expand around the globe and to only focus on meeting local demand.  For many reasons we see the future of beekeeping in our own back yards.  Our long term goal is to do away with commercial beekeeping where one beekeeper has 60,000 colonies and empower 60,000 individual beekeepers to keep their own hives and provide honey for themselves.  

Why Save Bees?

The list of reasons "why" we are compelled to serve nature through beekeeping and supporting its practices is extensive, cyclical, and potentially never ending.  A few of the most common reasons are as simple as human survival.  Honeybees are responsible for pollinating most all of the produce grown on planet Earth. In some regions, they are responsible for up to 90% of the crop pollination demonstrating their distinct purpose in our food production.  Furthermore, they create by products such as antibacterial wax, propolis, and anti-oxidant packed, mineral-rich, delicious honey.  With it's long list of health benefits, honey has been and iconic superfood and delicacy for centuries.