Hive Hosting is an opportunity for the community to be involved in beekeeping without having to fully adopt beekeeping for themselves by harboring a colony of docile bees on their property.  In addition to the best natural pollination, hosts to have access to the freshest of honey and beeswax while keeping investment minimal.  We bring the tools, we do the work, you get the spoils.

Best Friend Bees offers a variety of partnership options ranging from zero host involvement to 100% guided host involvement.  As we aim to expand beekeeping practices everywhere and encourage its growth, we are flexible to your space, time, and abilities. Whether it be a single suburban backyard honeybee colony to a multi-colony rooftop apiary in urban areas, to educational beehives at your school.

Check Out Bee Leaf USA for the full list of options and uses of local honey!

- Debbie G in El Cajon is the proud host of a small, but vigorous, colony of european honeybees that overlook her orchard and lush gardens.  Debbie has chosen a hands off approach where we handle everything from installation, to maintenance, to honey harvesting.  

Hive Hosting Testimonies


Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina currently hosts a pair of hives on their fourth-floor rooftop!  Here, Best Friend Bees manages the hives and monitors the colony health and honey flow.  When the flow is at peak and a harvest is not encroaching on honeybee health, we bring the fresh honey to their executive chef in their world-class restuarant, The Marina Kitchen.  In addition, they partner with local breweries to have a honey flavored beer on draft!

- Fiona L in El Cajon has been one of our Queen Bees of the human world.  With a family of four, she has hosted as many as 10 hives at once for the well being of the honeybee population and to serve friends, family, and colleagues the magic the bees produce.

- David W in Lakeside has hosted a rooftop colony since 2015 and chooses to add a bit of sweetness to the lives of others during the holiday season by bottling the honey  as client gifts for his business.

- George A. in Northpark (central San Diego) caught us humanely relocating a rambunctious colony in his neighborhood and was enthralled by the process and how easy it can be to handle bees with the proper approach.  After a short chat, George decided that beekeeping was for him. After walking through the equipment requirements and general expectations, George was ready to become a full on beekeeper.  After delivering a gentle colony and a few monthly consultations, George is keeping bees all on his own, pollinating his garden, and anxiously awaiting his first harvest!


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