Location: Mt. Helix, San Diego, CA

Rescue Date: Early Summer 2016

This colony was rescued out of a compost bin on the side of a suburban house in the Mt. Helix/Spring Valley area of San Diego.  The gentle bees hardly noticed any change when transferring the comb to the capture box an have been happily dwelling in Lakeside, California, as a part of our Host a Hive program since then. They currently produce loads of honey/wax and have been steadily growing in size as of the last check-up.


More hive profiles coming soon!

Location: Poway, CA

Date Rescued: Summer 2016

Hive #0004 was rescued from  an owl box in a fallen Eucalyptus tree and is our biggest rescue to date.  The full owl box had a strong laying queen, thousands of bees, and liters of honey.  We relocated the hive to our Bee Sanctuary and added another super to give the girls space since then.


Location: El Cajon, San Diego, CA

Rescue Date: Spring 2017

This colony also found its home in an owl box and was one of the most difficult we have encountered.  requiring the use of ladders as high as 25ft, we had to cut down the owl box and guide it to the ground where we could seal the box for travel to the sanctuary. The next day, we took apart the owl box giving the girls a new home in Lakeside, Ca.  The queen is laying and colony is expanding so we couldn't be happier!


Location: Mt. Helix, San Diego, CA

Rescue Date: Fall 2015

This was the first hive captured by Best Friend Bees and we were very lucky to have such gentle girls on our first rescue.  Nestled in the fireplace storage area, we removed the fresh comb from the interior while replacing the comb and the queen in their new home. Shortly, all the bees followed and were happily relocated to our Bee Sanctuary in La Cresta California where they currently are thriving .

Location: El Cajon, CA

Rescue Date: Spring 2017


The Hive Lookup is a place where our supporters can gain a deeper connection to the colonies we rescue by learning where they originally came from and how they are doing. 

With all our products, customers receive the four digit hive number that corresponds to that specific hives profile on this page and can tell you more about where we source the honey and other beehive byproducts from.


The Classic Cut Out is what we like to call this one.  It required all sorts of tools and work to pull the whole hive from a balcony.  Using a skill saw to carefully reveal the massive honeycomb slabs, we then vacuumed the bees with our low suction bee-vac while we arranged the honeycomb inside of the hive.  allowing the bees to find there honey and brood in the new hive for a few days, we then moved it to our sanctuary!

Location: Lakeside, CA

Rescue Date: Spring 2017

Rescued by one of our Master Beekeepers and two interns, #0007 was located in a palm tree near a creek in Lakeside, Ca.  It has been safely moved into a hive box and requeened with a VSH Italian Queen as the overly aggressive hive seemed to be queenless and broodless.  The queen was accepted by the colony immediately and is now happy and healthy.    


Location: Santee, San Diego, CA

Rescue Date: Spring 2017

This colony swarmed and landed itself inside of an outdoor cabinet in Santee, California.  We were able to painlessly transfer the colony into a nuc and then relocate it to our our sanctuary in La Cresta, CA where it thrives with a few other colonies.  These bees are as gentle as they come and can be inspected bare handed under most conditions.  This colony also produces a great deal of wax and honey for our products.


Hive #0009 was an interesting rescue.  Found inside of an old forgotten jet boat, our queen was elusive and difficult to move into the hive. However, after playing Abeja, by MNDSN, she started to cooperate.  You can see all her loyal girls following her right into the hive.  This was a great example of how sound and vibration can make beekeeping easier!  We are currently working on a video of this rescue for you to watch!






Location: ​Kensington, San Diego CA

Rescue Date: ​Summer 2017

Location: ​Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

Rescue Date: Spring 2016

The third colony we rescued was a bit more aggressive and was quite small.  However, with a strong laying queen and lush environment, it has grown incredibly and produces a great deal of natural honey and pure beeswax.

Location: Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

Rescue: Date: Fall 2015

The second hive rescued by Best Friend Bees was located about 10 meters up into a tree.  Being a docile hive, we were easily able to cut the comb off the branches and set these girls up with a new home, at a new home.  Their new dwelling is  with a host family on a suburban rooftop in Lakeside, Ca.