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Our Products

All our products are intentionally hand crafted with LOVE and respect for our planet Earth and the way in which she moves.  Not only do we utilize all byproducts that honeybees produce, but we also encourage recycling of old honey jars and product containers through us for added discounts.  


ALL our honey comes from rescued hives and is NEVER adulterated with heat, fillers, or artificial sugars.  We strain the honey using various methods that have stood for centuries.  Every batch is unique in its flavor profile and mineral composition as it is the creation of thousands of honeybees collecting nectar and pollen.  In addition, our natural processes preserve the many internal and external health benefits of honey.  Check out this link to learn more about the benefits of honey!

Lip Balm

Using the raw beeswax as a base, we add organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic almond oil, organic plant essences, vitamin E and wealth of love, these lip balms are great for moisturizing lips and and dry spots on on your face and sensitive skin. 

Healing Salve

Using the same ingredients as the lip balm but in different ratios, our beeswax based healing salve has been hold many more plant essences to combat ailments from a variety of angles.  In addition, the have been blessed with Reiki Love to further the healing on an energetic level.  We currently are focused on 3 kinds of salves: All purpose salve, itch soother salve,  and an icy joint and muscle salve.  


Our beeswax candles come in many varieties and sizes with all the beeswax being sourced from our rescued hives. Burning with the ferocity of the Sun, our most popular candle is the 100% beeswax candle which also ionically cleans the air we breathe on a molecular level.  Our scented beeswax candles are a blend of beeswax and 100% organic soy wax.  We then add different essences that promote a variety of feelings to help maintain your daily balance.  

Sandwich Wraps

Our most recent product, beeswax food wraps, are made from left over residual beeswax and all natural cotton.  Using our unique and particular methods, these wraps are easily cleaned with cold water and last up to a year!