Keeping Compassionately

Humane BEe Rescue & removal at a fair price.

Keeping Compassionately means we do all we can to save bees in danger of being exterminated in as many situations as possible.

Best Friend Bees and Bee Leaf USA have partnered to create environmental solutions for the sustainable hospitality operation. Using biomimicry and pairing on-site urban beekeeping with organic gardening, clients are empowered to source organic produce and 100% natural, raw honey, locally from their own property. Opening the door to local alcohol collaborations, educational partnerships, and community involvement, the Bee Leaf USA Environmental Program is a dynamic, "hands off" solution for contemporary hospitality.

​Special Projects 

We are open to everything!

Special Projects can be large jobs requiring multiple trades to accomplish and/or special circumstances that are not common requests.

**Price varies on accessibility, size, and urgency of removal**

Redefining "Farm to table"


Swarm Capture

Swarms are typically bees in transit and are most common in the Spring and Summer months.  

Cut Outs

A "cut out" is a hive buried behind the wall of your home, business, RV, shed, or any place that requires disassembly or demolition to access  the bees.


Dont exterminate the future of our planet!  Call us for a FREE quote!

We humanely remove and relocate unwanted bees to our remote sanctuary in Pauma Valley and La Cresta where we breed out aggressive characteristics to re-introduce the dole bees back into our community at schools, restaurants, hotels, breweries, hospitals, and anywhere that benefits from honeybees!